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Blotched Edifice

The man-made alteration of what was once a tranquil and natural American landscape prompted the emergence of The New Topographics. In India, the issues raised by the New Topographics began to bear relevance as a result of the rapid urbanisation of once smaller cities.
I grew up in the cities of Mumbai and Pune. While asbestos was continuously Lingering around Mumbai for the past 20 years, Pune struggled to let go of its tranquil hills that were demolished to make room for commercial establishments and apartment buildings.
Parallel concerns on labour issues and health problems related to rising pollution began to take central stage as I dug deeper into this subject to help me construe the work's purpose.

By using haptic photoprints to illustrate the experiences of individuals who work at these sites and those who live in the vicinity, "Blotched Edifice" became my attempt to draw attention to their issues.

The process starts by photographing construction spaces. The photographs are then printed on cartridge paper which is then stained with concrete, dust, and corrosion residues that were found at the photographed locations.

2021-2023 at Pune, India; Mumbai, India and Brighton, United Kingdom.
229 x 324 mm prints

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