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Soham Joshi (b.2000) is an Indian visual artist living in Brighton, UK. He uses alternative photographic techniques to explore urbanity and identity. They are interested in the close connections between people, the photographic material, and the urban environment.  

Be it the human body or architecture, Soham's work celebrates the subject's forms that are being photographed. After discovering various photography mediums, his work graduated into photo-print staining processes and making photo collages using a scanner. Soham is currently researching identity through alternative photographic processes, informed by traditional image making darkroom methods.

On a commercial front, Soham's fashion and fine art photography work has been published in NAKID Magazine, Curator Magazine and Homegrown Voices. Since 2018, Soham has worked as a touring photographer and has documented concerts and press kit pictures for musicians. His music photography work has been featured with Rolling Stones India, Indian Music Diaries, and Rock Street Journal.


As an artist, Soham looks forward to experimenting with making mix-media imageries at the intersection of multiple art disciplines.

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